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Defined Curls Babyliss Tong Review 

Defined Curls Babyliss Tong Review: pros, cons, how does it work? And is it worth the money? 

Your hair says a lot about it. It totally changes the way you look. And changing your hairstyle from time to time is very enjoyable. Curly and wavy hairstyles and very trendy and beautiful. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on hair salons.. It is very easy to make your own curls using Babyliss Pro curls. This tool changed my hair routine completely. It is much faster than previous Babyliss models and the results are very satisfying. 

Babyliss Defined Curls Tong Review 

defined curls babyliss

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BaByliss 19mm Lockenstab mit Klammer mit schmalem Durchmesser für enge Locken

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  • Advanced Ceramic Heating System
  • Suitable for thick hair type 
  • Ceramic tong 
  • 19 mm ceramic coated barrel in addition to brush sleeve
  • Very easy to create curls and wavy hairstyles
  • 3 years warranty 


  • Nothing! reviewers love everything about this product 

What I loved most about this device that it has 210°C Salon Performance. I can curl my hair really quickly at home now. And the tong heats up really quickly so you won’t need to wait before using it. 

How do your curly hair with Babyliss curling tongs? 

  1. Section your hair and start from one side of your hair. 
  2. Apply heat protectant to your hair to minimize heat damage 
  3. Take a small hair section to get the best results using Babyliss defined curls tong 
  4. Get the Babyliss tong and put it right to the root. Wind the hair around the Babyliss defined curls tong. 
  5. Wind up the barrel of the device to the roots. Hold for 10 seconds then let the hair down
  6. Keep winding the hairs of each section around the ceramic-coated barrel.
  7. For the front hair area, you can do the same. Don’t hold the hair too tight to the device and let the barrel slightly open. Then let the hair down. 
  8. After you finish curling your hair, you can dress it easily. Use a wide brush to dress your hair. You will find your hair shiny and wavy. If you like curly hairstyles, you don’t have to brush all the curls. 

Why Babyliss Defined Curls 

If you are looking for a fast tong that gives you long-lasting results then defined curls Babyliss is the best option for you. It is very easy to use. You can create salon-graded modern curly hair at home thanks to Babyliss Curl Pro 210. I liked that this device is suitable for both long and short hair. Because of the recent lockdown, I can’t go to the salon as before. That’s why I decided to try Babyliss defined Curls and I loved it! I read a lot of customers’ reviews about this product first. People liked that it doesn’t cause hair burn. And the tong heats up in less than 10 seconds. You have 10 heat settings to choose from the suitable heat for your hair type. If your hair is very thin and damaged try using low heat settings. While high heat settings are suitable for people who have coarse hair types. 

What Should You Know Before Using Babyliss Tong? 

  • Avoid using the Babyliss Tong on your hair while wet. You should let your hair air dry or use a hairdryer first before using a Babyliss curler to avoid heat damage. 
  • It has 10 temperature settings. You can switch between them using -/+ buttons. 
  • Avoid high temperatures on your hair if your hair is very thin or colored. High-temperature settings are for very coarse thick hair. 
  • Comb your hair before plugging in the Babyliss Tong to save time and electricity. 
  • Avoid direct contact with your skin when the Babyliss Curl tool is too hot. 
  • Let the device cool down before storing it to increase its lifespan 
  • Avoid coiling the lead around the device while it is still hot. When it is cool, loosely coil the lead around the Babyliss tong by the side of the tool. 

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Is Babyliss or CHI better? 

I would say that Babyliss is a more reliable brand. It is better than CHI in styling curly and coarse hair. For delicate hair, both options are great. So go with the brand you trust more. You should compare each model separately to get the best answer according to the price range and the material. You can’t compare really expensive straightener or curler to a low-budget one. 

Is Babyliss a good curler? 

Yes. I find Babyliss curler is very simple and easy to use. The user manual is very clear and you can master how to use the Babyliss curler from the first or second use. It has a variety of settings from loose to tight curls. And you can change the temperature easily. 

Is it OK to wet curly hair every day? 

You shouldn’t wash your curly hair too frequently as it might cause damage to your hair. Water may remove the natural oils of your hair. This will make it more difficult to keep your hair shiny and moisturized. I recommend washing your hair once or twice weekly. If your want to clean your hair daily, you can try other methods. You can also try to wash your hair with less shampoo and more conditioner to nourish your cuticle. 

Is curly hair attractive? 

In short, yes but it depends. Some people are more attractive with straight hair than curly hair. And sometimes I feel that curly hair is not suitable for all occasions and the same feeling for straight hair. I say don’t strict yourself to one hairstyle and change the way you dress your hair from time to time. Always be confident in your hair and the way it looks no matter what. 

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I think Babyliss defined curls is the best Babyliss curler. It is a great tool that you can use quickly before heading to work. The tool is fast and the results are long-lasting. You can use it for creating wavy and curly hairstyles in less than 30 minutes. I recommend this product because it will give you the same results as professionals and it is gentle on the hair strands. With 10 heat settings, I’m sure you will find the best heat temperature for your hair type. 

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Have you tried Babyliss curler before? How did you find it? Tell me in the comments below.. 



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