Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Price

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII Price

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII Price & Best Deals. Full review of this kit: how does it work, pros and cons. And what is new about it?

A lot of girls are obsessed with curling their hair. If you have straight hair like me and want to create wavy or curly hair at home, I’m sure Babyliss Pro Perfect curl would be of great help. Automatic hair curlers have many advantages including fast heating, even heat distribution and creating smooth curls. They are easier to use than tongs.

I’m a Beauty editor who loves Babyliss Products very much. I have spent more than 3 weeks comparing and testing Babyliss Pro curl models to find the best auto curler.

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII

Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Price

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  • Can be used for creating 3 different curl types
  • Uses advanced curl management system
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Curl direction control
  • 3 heat settings (230̊C, 200 ̊C and 180 ̊C)
  • 20-minute sleep mode
  • Automatic shut off
  • Long cord (2.8 metres)
  • 6 months warranty


  • None! Online customers love everything about it

I wrote a previous review of an older version of Babyliss Perfect curl which my hair sometimes got stuck. So, I bought the Babyliss pro perfect curl at a good price. I find it totally worth the money. The Pro version has an updated design that less likely the hair to get stuck in the curl chamber. This Babyliss Curler is heavier than the previous model a little bit but at least the hair doesn’t get tangled anymore.

It uses the auto curl technology to help you create 3 different types of curls which are:

  • Tight curls 
  • Defined curls 
  • Loose waves 

This feature is amazing and it is not included in the ordinary curl secret models. You will get the curly or wavy look you want by just clicking on a single button. The advanced curl management system helps to adjust the central barrel and control the type of the curls without damaging your hair or causing tangled. It also regulates the heat and time of curling to get smooth and shiny curls easily. I find it suitable for both professional and personal hair curling.

What Are The Curl Modes of Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII?

Babyliss pro perfect curl has 3 curl modes which are:

  • Tight Curls – for creating french hair curls without effort. The slim barrel with the soft grip tension control ensures the hair section is wrapped around the barrel. Use this mode for creating a tight curly hair look.
  • Defined Curls – in this hair look, the slim barrel and the automatic tension control ensure that your hair section is wrapped softly around the barrel. After that, it relaxes the hair to create defined curls. I find this curl mode is amazing for creating a natural curly look in no time. It is very fast and easy to set up.
  • Loose Curls – the hair is wrapped around the large barrel. If you are looking for a beach wavy hair look, this loose curl mode is the best for you.

How To Use Babyliss Curl MKII 

  1. Make sure that your hair is clean and dry before using Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl
  2. Section your hair into smaller sections before operating the curler to save time. Each section should be 2-3 cm to get the best results. In general, the smaller the hair section, the tighter the curl
  3. If your hair is long, it is better to use even small sections to get smooth shiny hair curls.
  4. Put the hair section inside the curl chamber after setting the curl mode and the heat setting according to your hair type and thickness.
  5. When curling the left side of your hair, choose the curl direction (left). And for curling the right section of your hair, switch to the (right) direction. You can also choose the alternating (the auto setting) for creating a more natural curly hair look.
  6. The automatic beep indicator will start as soon as the handles are closed together.
  7. When you hear a 5 beeps sound hold the device until the end of the individual beeps. Then you will hear 4 quick beeps which determine the success of hair curling. Remove the styler from the hair and let the curls set.
  8. Avoid combing or brushing your hair immediately after using it to get long-lasting curls.

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  • The 230°C heat option is for thick or wavy hair
  • The 200°C heat setting is for normal hair
  • 180°C heat is for thin, fine, damaged or coloured hair


Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII Price

The price of Babyliss Pro Perfect curl MKII is around £119.00 in the United Kingdom. You may find better prices and offers on Amazon UK. Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl Price in the United Arab Emirates is around 475.94 AED. It might not be available in other countries right now.

Is Curly Hair Good?

Yes. I like the curly hair look because it is easy to style. I don’t have to wear hair accessories when I curl my hair. Curly hair is the finishing touch to any outfit. Curly hair is very trending nowadays. Every woman wants to have curly hair more or less. But in general, I think having curly or straight hair is up to you. You don’t have to use proteins on your hair just because other people tell you straight hair is better for you. Be proud of your hair look because it is what makes you different.

Can You use Babyliss curl Secret on wet hair? 

No. you should dry your hair using a blow dryer or letting your hair air dried before using your Babyliss Curl Secret kit. You can do it for your hair is damp but I don’t recommend so as it might cause heat damage.

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Can You Use The Babyliss Curl Secret on long hair? 

Yes. you can! However, if your hair is very long, I’m afraid it might not be suitable for you. Babyliss curl secret is not created for hair lengths below the bust.

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Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII Video Review 



Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl MKII Price is a bit expensive but it is totally worth it. if you can, pay the extra pennies for the Babyliss Pro Perfect version, you won’t regret it and you’ll have amazing curls. What I liked more about this device that you can use it for creating different types of curls: Tight curls, Defined curls & Loose waves. It saves much time and it will give you the exact curly look you want.

The other Babyliss curlers on the market don’t allow you to change the curls type. They use only one type (tight curls). However, if you are looking for a budget Babyliss curler, you can try a curl secret model that you can adjust the tight curls with your fingertips.

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