babyliss curlers pro 180 c332e

BaByliss Curlers Pro 180 C332e Reviewed & Tested

A lot of people are currently wondering about the new BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e Is it really effective? How to use it? What are the pros and cons? Is it safe? And many other questions

Will we here at do our best to guide you about every appliance produced by BaByliss. So, you will be able to choose between them and have a better understanding of what might be best for you.

BaByliss is a company that has been able to provide through years a wide variety of hair dryers straighteners and shavers with known high quality and good affordable prices. So now let’s see in this article about everything you need to know about BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e.

BaByliss Boucleur Curling Tong 32mm pour des Boucles Souples C332E

babyliss curlers pro 180 c332e

BaByliss Boucleur Curling Tong 32mm pour des Boucles Souples C332E

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So, what are the pros and features of BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e?

BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e come with a lot of features and good things including:

1. Curling iron – Sublim’ touch coating

32mm Sublim’ touch coated barrel that was created perfectly to help the ladies create those defined curls with a smoothy glamorous finish. This new Sublim touch coating is aimed at creating an extra ultra-smooth satin touch that will guarantee for sure an optimal glide through your lovely hair. In addition to that it will also guarantee a perfect heat distribution to ensure the formation of perfect curls according to what you like and at the same time being gentle to your hair.

2. 10 temperature regulator settings

From (110°C-180°C) BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e provides you with 10 different temperature settings that you can choose from. This is enormous as it provides you with much control over the amount of heat you need for your hair. It also makes this appliance a perfect choice for many hair types. You are now guaranteed to be able to choose the exact right temperature for your hair so you can get the look you want regardless of your hair type.

3. On/Off Switch

A simple easy and elegant button. It also has a heat indicator that will help you when your appliance is ready to use.

4. Stay-Cool Tip and heat protection stand

The Stay-Cool tip comes to add great utility and help as it helps you to hold the barrel easily during styling without burning your hands. Also, the folding heat protection stand helps keep the heated barrel surface away from any other surfaces so it doesn’t affect them. Brilliant!

Hmmmm, what about the cons of BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e?

Fortunately, BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e have a few cons that we noticed including:

1. The temperature regulator settings button is loose that means you may accidentally switch temperatures to a lower or higher one. So, Be Careful with that!

2. May take time until you figure out which temperature is perfect for your hair. So Don’t expect immediate results. however, once you figured it out the results are guaranteed.


Alright, now how can I use BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e safely?

  1. First of all, you need to plug in the appliance and make sure it is switched on.
  2. Go to the temperature regulator settings knob you will find 10 settings with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.
  3. We recommend that you always start with the lowest temperature first then go for a higher temperature if you didn’t the results satisfying. You can start with a higher temperature if your hair type is thick.
  4. There is a red-light indicator it will keep flashing as long as the appliance is being heated. Once it stops flashing that means your curling iron has reached the correct temperature and is now ready to use. Make sure to divide your hair into multiple small sections evenly and that you comp your hair before you start. Also, make sure that your hair is dry and there is no wet hair at all as this may affect the results.
  5. You must always place the clamp on the top of the section when you are making a curl. And only place the clamp under the section when you are making a flip-style. Wind the hair as much as you want it curled.
  6. Be careful that curling iron stays away from your scalp and it doesn’t touch it. Hold it in place for a few seconds depending on the type and length of your hair.
  7. When you finish press down the clamp lever to release the hair. After you finish move on to the next section of your hair. In the end, don’t forget to switch off the appliance and unplug it.

Make sure to give the appliance some time to cool before you store him back in its package.


How can I keep my BaByliss curlers pro 180 c332e Clean?

It’s important to keep your appliance clean all the time. We highly recommend that you clean it with a dry piece of cloth after you finish using it (after it has been cooled of course). Make sure that the appliance is always dry before you plug it in.

BaByliss Boucleur Curling Tong Reviews

“it has been two weeks since I bought this product for my daughter on her birthday. Durable and efficient am really happy I brought this gift for her.” Janet Ford Said.

“The Babyliss Pro C332E is perfect for long hair and supernatural curls. As it is my first experience with BaByliss I really like it.” Karen Sandland Said

“Good product works smoothly and perfectly really loved it.” Tracey Kyte Said.

“As someone who has been struggling with finding a worthy product. This appliance is amazing, it’s totally worth buying by anyone who wants natural soft curls.” Ffion James Said.

“Care is required to make sure that the ends of the hair are not folded. Always Make sure the curls are cool before you start manipulation.” Emma Jones Said.

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In conclusion, BaByliss Curlers Pro 180 c332e is without a doubt one of the best curling irons in the market. It makes you able to create professional curls easily without putting much effort into it. With -Curling iron – sublim’ touch coating, fast heat up, and 10 different temperature selector settings. It becomes obvious that this curling iron can be the appliance of choice for many women out there. This appliance also comes with a manual guide that helps you with how to use the device. The sublim touch coating ensures perfect hair distribution to all hair equally while in the meantime being gentle to the hair.

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