BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer

BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer

Babyliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer with 2300 AC motor, 3 heat settings and 2-speed levels. Find out more about the features and advantages of this power hair dryer. 

I love this new hair dryer from the Babyliss hair dryers collection. This hair dryer is very easy to hold and very powerful. It doesn’t tangle while using it and it is lightweight. It dries the hair quite quickly. Investing in a high-powered hair drier, such as a 2300W model, might be a wise investment for people who desire salon-quality results at home. These powerful dryers can dry your hair swiftly and efficiently, reducing heat damage caused by prolonged heat exposure. Let’s get into the features, reviews, unboxing and main advantages of the Babyliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Hair Dryer. 

Babyliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer

BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer

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  • 2300W for quick, powerful drying
  • Diamond-infused ceramic technology  for super smooth results
  • Ionic frizz control for a glossy sheen
  • 3 heat settings, 2-speed levels, and a cold shot
  • Diffuser with a large size for improving natural curls and volume.

Babyliss’s powerful 2300W AC motor allows your hair to dry hair quickly, making styling it faster and more efficient. The Babyliss Platinum diamond 2300w diffuser dryer is perfect for all hair types. The diffuser attachment helps in enhancing curls and reducing frizz making it perfect for curly, wavy and normal hair types. BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Diffuser Hair Dryer is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for high-quality hairstyle equipment that will help improve and define curls while minimising frizz. It has good customer reviews and a 2-year warranty.

What is included? 

  1. 1 Hairdryer BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300
  2. 1 ultra-thin concentrator nozzle
  3. 1 large diffuser 
  4. 1 instruction booklet

Babyliss Platinum Diamond 2300w Hair Dryer Pros 

The BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 hair dryer has numerous advantages, including:

  1. Diamond-infused ceramic grille – This smooths and shines the hair as it dries, making it healthy and lustrous.
  2. Salon Power – it has a very strong 2300W professional AC motor which delivers high-power airflow for a smooth look. This allows for personalised styling, with the option of a cold shot to lock in style and minimise frizz.
  3. Diffuser – easily attach the hair diffuser to enhance the look of your natural curls. 
  4. Removable filter – This allows for simple cleaning and can help to extend the life of the dryer.
  5. 3m salon length cord – This allows for greater flexibility and ease of movement when styling the hair.
  6. It is lightweight and compact, making it simple to pack and transport.
  7. It has high quality and a great finish, with a 2-year warranty.

Unboxing Babyliss Platinum Diamond 2300 AC Hair Dryer 

Babyliss Platinum Diamond 2300 Hair Dryer Reviews 

“Very effective product” Lucie – The United Kingdom 

I feel like Goldilocks after trying two other hairdryers and not liking them, but this is precisely what I was hoping for. I agree with some of the other comments about the medium setting sounding loud and screechy, but I can live with that, and I mostly use the quicker option on medium heat, so it’s not a big deal. I’ve never had a hairdryer that gets my hair so straight, which is no small feat given how wavy and thick my hair is. It has drastically reduced the amount of time I need to use straighteners! I’m very impressed.

“Small yet powerful” Margret – The United Kingdom

I had a similar model that was larger and heavier before, and this one is just as excellent, if not better. It’s lighter and smaller, yet it’s not lacking in power. The cord is also a good length for manoeuvring all around. 

“Highly recommend” Mustafa – The United Kingdom

My wife loves this product 

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Overall, the BaByliss Platinum Diamond 2300 hair dryer is a high-end device with positive consumer feedback for its features and performance. It has great value for money. Thanks to the diamond-infused ceramic technology, it reduces frizz and maintains the temperature while drying. The large diffuser makes it perfect for curly and wavy hair types. It’s a high-end hair dryer, which makes its price a bit higher than other Babyliss hair dryers. However, it is worth buying and is highly recommended if you are searching for a professional hair dryer to invest in. 

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