babyliss 2112u luxe curl styler

BaByliss 2112U Luxe Curl Styler Review

Babyliss 2112u luxe curl styler with cool-air technology: Pros, Cons, how to use? and is it suitable for long or short hair? find out now through reading my detailed review of this amazing product and its features..

BaByliss is such a leading company when it comes to hair straighteners, curlers, and dryers. And today we have a new product from Babyliss which is the BaByliss 2112U Curl Styler luxe. Now the question that might be passing through your mind now is this the hair straightener for me? Is it easy to use? Can I afford it or its expensive? In this article, I will try my best from my own experience to address everything you need and want to know about the BaByliss 2112U Curl Styler luxe.

BaByliss 2112U Curl Styler luxe Review

babyliss 2112u luxe curl styler

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This new hair styler comes with a unique split barrel design along with the Quartz-Ceramic plates preheat the hair to help form the curl.

BaByliss also has made some initiatives in order to eliminate all single-use plastics from their packaging. Instead of plastic bags and plug protectors, 100% recyclable paper and cardboard will be found within the present box, carefully safeguarding the goods and ensuring that it arrives in pristine shape for you to use and enjoy.

The Box Contains:

  1.       1 x BaByliss Curl Luxe Styler
  2.       1 x Heat mat
  3.       An instruction booklet

So, what are the Pros and Cons of the Babyliss 2112u luxe curl styler?


  • Product Code – 81527217
  • Hair Styler Plate Material – Ceramic
  • Barrel size 36mm
  • Dimensions – H35 x W4.5 x D4 cm
  • Weight – 344g
  • Styler type Split Barrel
  • Device Power 32W
  • Coating Quartz – titanium ceramic
  • Temperature settings – 3 heat settings
  • Device Max. temperature 200°C
  • It works corded only
  • Cable length (m) – 2.5m


  • The cool-air technology gently releases cool air that is mixed with preheated air to set the curl for long-lasting results.
  • Three heat settings, 160°C, 180°C, and 200°C for use on all hair types.
  •  36mm barrel Largely rounded to form the hair into gorgeous loose waves.
  •  Fast heat up.
  •  Cool air technology to set the curl immediately after it is formed.
  •   Release button.
  • Safety auto shut off after a few minutes.
  •  2.5m of long swivel cord that allows you to move freely with no effort.
  • 1-year international guarantee.


  •  A tiny amount of hair can fit between the gaps. So you need to divide your hair into smaller parts.
  • Some people with already curly hair may find it trickier to use.
  •  A bit noisy.

Is it easy to use?

The BaByliss 2112U Luxe Curl Styler is very user-friendly. It’s as simple as turning it on and selecting your preferred temperature. Make sure that your hair is dry. When the curler is ready, it begins to whirl. Take small sections of your own hair, click the button to open the hot plates, and insert the hair in between the hot plates at the highest point where you want your waves to begin.

When you finish, release the button to shut the plates. Then, spin the styler 180 degrees and slide it down the area. You may either release the hair by pressing the button or simply letting it glide out of the end. The hair is curled, but it also feels much cooler than if the waves were created with a standard tong or straightener.

My Final Thoughts About BaByliss 2112u luxe curl styler

From my own experience using the incredible device Babyliss 2112u luxe curl styler review. I found out that my waves were quite lovely and long-lasting, as well as quite bouncy. This is due to the cool air technology, which cools the waves as soon as they are formed, allowing them to settle in faster.  Which made me conclude that it’s the easiest curlier I have ever used as it’s very quick and less hair damaging than any other device in the market right now.




Does it straight as well?

The short answer is for most hair types it straight well however it works less perfectly than other hair straighteners and it’s better to look for a specific device that works mainly for straightening your hair and not curling it so you can enjoy the best results.

Can I use it on colored hair?

You can definitely use the Babyliss 2112u luxe curl styler on colored hair. However, colored hair is usually much more fragile and prone to breakage than normal hair so if high heat is overused it may cause damage to your hair, I highly advise you to use low heat settings or don’t overuse the hair curler.

Does it work on layered hair well?

Yes. However, try as much as you can to keep them separate. Don’t try to mix a shorter layer with a longer one. This will help you have better control over your hair curling results.

Does it work for short hair?

Yes. it’s definitely one of the best hair straighteners in the market right now for short hair.

Could you use these to straighten your hair as well?

Yes, that’s possible. However, it doesn’t give such a good result. Thus, I highly advise you to for a hair straightener instead if u want perfect results.

Can I use hair spray after for my curls?

Yes, it will definitely help the look stays for the longest time possible.

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With us being in 2021, it becomes clear to us that we need better hair straighter that can give us better results in a quicker time. The new BaByliss 2112U Curl Styler luxe is for sure one of the best hair straighteners right now in the market. With the cool-air technology, this device will not burn your skin if you touched it from the outside, making it a great relief and much easier to use than any of the other devices.

In the end, I hope we have answered all your questions regarding the new BaByliss 2112U Curl Styler luxe we hope that you find this device useful for you

Please share with us your comments and what do you think about this product.

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