babyliss smooth & wave secret hair styler

BaByliss Smooth and Wave Hair Styler Review

Are you looking for a new hair styler for your hair? And you are wondering what could be the best for you? Have you heard about the new BaByliss smooth and wave hair styler? And you want to know if it’s the best for you? Well here in this article we will do our best to answer all your questions and concerns

First of all, BaByliss is such a great company when it comes to variety and adapting to customers’ needs. Now BaByliss is giving us a new product the Babyliss smooth and wave styler that adds it to its own long list of hair stylers. It promises a lovely hair wave with a reasonable price and minimal effort.

Now its time to dive into the Babyliss Smooth and Wave Review and know its secrets.

Babyliss Smooth And Wave

babyliss smooth & wave secret hair styler

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So, what does Box Contain?

The Box contains:

1)    1 x BaByliss Smooth and Wave Styler

2)    1 x Barrel Cleaning Tool; heat mat

3)      1 x Information Booklet

What are the pros and features of BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler?

The pros and features are:

1. Three different heat settings

The BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler came with 3 different heat settings which are 180°C (Green), 200°C (Orange), and 230°C (Red).

So, if you have thin or colored hair, I advise you to use the lower heating settings. However, for thicker hair, use the higher heat settings.

I also highly advise you to start with the lower heat settings to make sure that you are using the correct temperature for your hair. Go for higher temperature settings only when you can’t achieve the desired results with your current temperature settings.

2. Wave or smooth mode settings

This mode allows you to switch between

  1. wave mode for lovely wavey hair
  2. smooth mode for sleek hair without flattening

3. Three different wave direction (curl) settings

BaByliss smooth and wave styler also comes with 3 curling settings that make you have greater control over the curls of your hair

You have three different settings which are:

  •  Clockwise (right).
  • Anti-clockwise (left)
  • Alternating

4. Sleep Mode & Auto shut off

BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler also comes with a brilliant automatic sleep mode feature. When you leave your device without using it for more than 20 minutes. It will automatically put on sleep mode. If you want to continue using the device simply reset the temperature button then turn it back on to the temperature setting that you were using and you will be able to resume using it.

However, if you left your appliance for more than 60 minutes without using it, it will automatically shut down and if you wish to continue using the device. Reset all buttons to default and press on the start button again.

5. Heat mat

A heat mat is included with the device that can be used during and after styling. Even when using the heat pad provided, do not put the appliance on any heat-sensitive surface while using it. After you’ve finished using it, turn it off and keep it away. Remove the plug from the device. Wrap the device with the heat mat right away. Allow the device to cool completely before using. Keep it out of reach as much as possible. Because it will be hot for several minutes, keep it out of the reach of children and youngsters.

What are the Cons of BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler?

The main cons are:

  • BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler may need some time to get used to for some people.
  • You may need to try more than once to get the wanted results.
  • Quite heavy to hold with one hand.

How Can I Use BaByliss Smooth and Wave Hair Styler?

Before you start:

  •  Make sure to wash your hair with shampoo and that your hair is clean, dry, and free from any hairsprays and other styling products.
  •  Make sure to divide your hair into small sections.
  •  Turn the device on and set it to suitable heat settings.

Now remember to wait for the appliance to heat up the LED light will flash once the temperature settings have been reached.

Set your other settings (desired curling direction- smooth or wave settings).

Now you are ready to use the BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler.

  1. First of all, Hair should always be inserted into the device with the open section of the ceramic chamber facing the head. Insert the hair into the device deeper down the portion if you have long hair. Beware that hair can be easily pulled into the ceramic chamber.
  2. Keep the device in place and the device will beep eight times after the hair has been sucked into the ceramic chamber. Continue to keep the handles locked until you hear all 8-audio indicator sounds, indicating that the time is up.
  3. Release the handles fully and smoothly pull the device away from the head to reveal the chosen wave.
  4. Repeat around the head until you have completed all hair sections.
  5. Switch it off after you finish using it.

How can I keep my BaByliss smooth & wave hair styler clean?

Well, it’s very important to keep your device clean. However, we do have some recommendations to keep your device clean.

  • Always make sure that the device is switched off, unplugged, and cooled before you start cleaning it.
  • Make sure that no water slips into the device.
  • Make sure that the device is completely dry before you start using it again.

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Is BaByliss Smooth and Wave Styler Good?

Yes, for its reasonable price. It gives beautiful curls and is very easy to use once you get used to it.

Why is My Curler Beeping?

It will beep for about 8 times when it finishes beeping this indicates that the time is up and you need to move for another section of your hair.

Is This The curler That Can Work With Wet or Damp Hair?

Well for damp hair it works smoothly and gives a great result. However, for wet hair it takes longer for the desired result.

Is it possible to turn down the volume of the beeps?

Unfortunately, no you can’t as it’s important to be able to hear and count every beep.

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So. If you really like your hair wavy and like it keep it this way with minimal stress. Then the BaByliss smooth & wave secret hair styler is the one for you. Just make sure to read the instructions and follow all the guidelines. It gives you a lot of control over how to curl your hair and its results last for a long time it’s easy to use once you get used to it. Hope you find this article useful and please don’t forget to share with us your comments and thoughts down below.

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