Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity Review

Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity Review

Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity Review: how does it work, pros & cons? and what is the difference between Curl Secret models?

Babyliss curl secret simplicity gift set of rose gold is one of the trending tools for hair curling today. It doesn’t take time to curl your hair. For me, it took me only 30 minutes for curling my hair using this amazing hair curler. That’s why I decided to make a full review about it to share with you my final thoughts. I have been using this tool once weekly for 4 months now and it didn’t cause any heat damage. Besides, I tested other Curl Secret Models too.

Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity

Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity Review

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  • Comes with 2 heat settings (185C and 205C)
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • A luxury storage bag
  • Automatic safety shut off
  • Lightweight curl secret model
  • Long cord (1.8 metres)
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
  • Suitable for different hair lengths


  • You can’t change the intensity of the curls. But you can loosen them with your fingertips after curling your hair to create wavy hairstyles.

First Impression

The kit has a rose gold colour which is elegant and sleek. Babyliss curl secret pink edition is very lovely. I liked the material of the packaging. The box contains:

  1. BaByliss Curl Secret Simplicity kit
  2. A Storage bag for travel
  3. A Compact mirror
  4. User Manual

The device is mainly rose but has some golden touches that make it luxurious and elegant. I found the user manual very informative. It includes everything you want to know about how to use The Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity, how to clean it and precautions. I recommend that you read the user manual for at least 15 minutes before using your Curl Secret Device to make sure that you are using it correctly.

How To Use Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity?

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry and free of dry shampoo and other hair products before using Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity.
  2. Apply a heat protection serum to minimize heat damage
  3. Comb your hair to remove any tangles.
  4. Divide your hair into sections to dry fast. Each hair section should be 2-3 cm wide.
  5. Turn on your Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity device. Choose the best heat for your hair type. If your hair is thin, choose the lowest heat setting.
  6. Insert the hair into the curler from the wide-open part of the curling chamber. Let the hairs inside the curl chamber for a few seconds. Remove the device when you hear the beep sound.
  7. After curling your hair, let it sit for at least 5 minutes. Don’t comb or brush your hair immediately to get curls that last for a long time. Then, you can create a wavy look using your fingertips.
  8. After use, switch off your device and store it in the luxury storage pouch that comes with it.

Choosing The Right Heat Setting For Your Hair Type

  • Choose level 1: if your hair is thin, fine or dyed. This heat setting is very gentle on the hair. If you are not sure what is your hair type and you are going to use Babyliss curl secret ionic anti-static for the Fanti-static recommend you use this heat setting.
  • Choose level 2: if your hair is thick or very coarse make sure that you get smooth curls the first time.

You can also start with level 1 and increase later to ensure that you are using the right temperature setting for your hair type.

When Does The Auto Shut Off Work?

Babyliss Curl Secret Turns off automatically if you turn it on for 60 minutes continuously for your safety. To continue using your Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity, switch it to 0 set then slide to the relevant heat setting that you were using for blow-drying before.

If you didn’t use your Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity for 20 minutes, the temperature will drop to 150C automatically. If you want to use the device at a high temperature again, close the device and turn it on again to reset it.

For more info: How to use Babyliss Curler

Babyliss Curl Secret Reviews

here are Babyliss Curl Secret Pink Simplicity Reviews of online customers:

“It is lightweight and makes my hair shiny,” Clairelou said. 

She has long hair and it took her 45 minutes to curl her hair using Babyliss Curl Secret Simplicity. It is very easy to use and it doesn’t burn at all. She is also very satisfied with the product price.

“My new favourite hair styling tool” Nicki Said. 

She loves using it. This kit is easy to use compared to curling tongs. Her hair is mid-length. Don’t forget to apply heat protection spray before blow-drying your hair to minimize heat damage. Also, you should dry your hair before using the Babyliss Curl Secret.

What Is The Difference Between Babyliss Curl Secret Models?

I tested the Smooth & wave curl secret model before. Now, after testing different Curl Secret models here are the main differences:

  • I found the Curl Secret Simplicity gift set is easier to use because it has simplified controls.
  • Smooth & Wave maximum heat is 230°C  while Curl Secret Simplicity maximum heat is 205°C
  • Smooth & Wave Curler has left & right alternative technology while this model has only alternating technology. You can use alternative technology for creating natural curls look. It automatically curls the hair in one direction and then another for a natural finish.

All Babyliss Curl Secret models have a curl chamber, use alternating technology, come with a heat mat and have safety shut off after an hour of not using Curl Secret.

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Babyliss Curl secret simplicity is one of the best curl secret models. It is very easy to use for hair curling compared to curling tongs and wands. And for UK customers, it comes with 3 years warranty. However, it is only valid within the UK. You can shop through the local stores we are referring to, to get the device with a local warranty from the company or the seller. I find this device miraculous and my hair is shiny and frizz-free thanks to the ceramic technology. It gives a smooth shiny finish compared to other hair curlers.

To sum up, this product is great for beginners who are searching for a simple device that does the job. However, Smooth & wave is a better option for people who have coarse thick hair because it has higher heat settings. Both models are great for soft and fine hairs. Don’t forget thairck other hair gifts for Christmas too!

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I hope you find my Babyliss Curl secret simplicity review helpful to you. Tell me in the comments below which model you like most. and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below

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