Babyliss Skeleton Trimmer

Babyliss Skeleton Trimmer

Babyliss skeleton trimmer for corded and cordless use: the best trimmer for professionals. Get the best deals now in the UK and Germany. 

Grabbing a barber-grade trimmer is a game changer especially if we are talking about a trimmer than can be used corded/cordless. The Babyliss Skeleton FX Trimmers Are The Most advanced And effective hair trimmer for barbers. 

Babyliss Skeleton trimmer

babyliss skeleton trimmer

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  • Lithium battery – 3 hr charge, 120mins run time
  • high torque robust housing design 
  • steel blades made in Japan 
  • Adjustable blade with zero gap
  • Robust all-metal housing design

The Babyliss skeletal hair removal trimmer is a great investment. In terms of performance for a cordless trimmer, this Babyliss is amazing. With its extra broad Japanese steel t-blade and strong durable design, this professional skeleton trimmer boasts a zero-gap function for precise detailing and outlining. With a 3-hour charge, the brushless motor and high-performance lithium battery can operate continuously for 120 minutes while delivering exceptional close-cut performance. The Skeleton FX trimmer has an all-metal housing design. it has been built for complete professional dependability and is well-balanced for better handling. Japanese steel blades for corded and cordless usage Adjustable blade with no gap Lithium-ion battery

What is Included? 

  1. Babyliss pro skeleton trimmer
  2. a cleaning brush
  3. charging station
  4. The zero gap tool 

Item weight 230 grams 


How long should I charge my BaByliss trimmer?

It depends on your Babyliss trimmer model. The Babyliss Pro Skeleton model charges in 3 hours. In general, Babyliss Pro trimmers charge quickly and you can use the trimmer corded or cordless.  

How do you zero a skeleton trimmer?

It is very easy to zero gaps in the Babyliss trimmer without removing the blade:

  1. Put the zero-gaping tool to the bottom of the blade. 
  2. Use the crew driver to lose the two screws 
  3. Once you loosen the screws, you can easily move the blades up and down. 

What Trimmer Do Barbers use?

Babers usually use Babyliss Pro, Andis or Wahl trimmers. These are the most common trimmers in hair salons. It differs from one to another depending on his preference, budget, style and hair type. Professional barbers use multiple brands and more than one hair trimmer to tackle the smoothest cut styles. 

Babyliss Skeleton Trimmer Reviews

“Best Trimmer I have tried, worth every penny” Jabreezy – The United Kingdom 

Jabreezy has been looking for a clipper that can trim to zero as he likes the bold head look for a while now. He bought several clippers but none of those has ever been close to the result he has with this one. He strongly recommends it to anyone looking to bold look to buy this clipper.  

“Excellent purchase, perfect equipment.” Candydo – Germany 

My wife uses it for professional hair styling, very pleased. Too bad the grip is of the American kind.

“Amazing, very excited to try” Ahmed – the United Kingdom 

Everything was well wrapped within, and a useful zero-gap tool and screwdriver were included. Everything is new and premium-looking and is sealed as well. He can’t wait to try it in his hair salon.

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This is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable hair removal tool. It has a sleek design and it is designed for professionals. The Babyliss skeleton trimmer is designed with a unique blade system that allows it to easily reach even the most difficult areas. Excellent battery hold, excellent blade and, hence, finishing, excellent hand grip when using. It quickly charges in only 3 hours. In other words, it is the top-of-the-line to have in your hair salon.

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