Babyliss Super X Metal Series

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

Babyliss Super X Metal Series: features, how to use, what is included? And is it worth buying? Find out the detailed review of Babyliss Super X hair trimmer. 

Any dude who has ever tried growing facial hair knows the importance of beard maintenance. Keeping your beard in check keeps it looking amazing. It also helps keep your hair healthy. If you are an expert in beard trimming or trying trimming your facial hair for the first time, this appliance is great for you. 

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

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  • Professional grade cordless 15-in-1 trimmer 
  • 100% waterproof
  • Suitable for wet & dry beard trimming 
  • Japanese steel
  • Unique MagFix system uses magnetic force to securely hold the heads in place and makes them easy to attach and remove
  • Runs for 5 hours cordless 

Babyliss Super X Metal Series is perfect for trimming your beards and adding final touches. It is very easy to create your own style using the Babyliss Super X metal series. It has many attachments for ultimate all-over grooming. Babyliss Super X is made of Japanese steel with exceptional cutting performance for professional results. The lithium-ion battery is engineered for superior hair trimming and grooming time after time.

What is included? 

  1. The appliance 
  2. Steel precision trimmer 
  3. Japanese steel power trimmer 
  4. A detail foil shaver 
  5. A nose and ear trimmer 

Precision Trimmer

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

Maintain, style and shape short stubble or beards and maintain well-groomed body hair with Japanese Steel blades for smooth, sharp cutting

Nose Trimmer

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

Safe & gentle trimming of unwanted nose and ear hair. 

Power Trimmer

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

It has a Wider blade for smooth cutting on longer, thicker hair compared to previous models.

Detailed Foil Shaver

Babyliss Super X Metal Series

A great skin-friendly shaver head for a smooth, close result Keep your body well-groomed. It is super easy to use it for Trimming the Chest, abdomen and more sensitive areas

Babyliss Super X Metal Reviews

“A great trimmer! All you need in a trimmer and more!” said David. 

The only negative about it is that it snags a little bit when I use it for shaving my had. It is the best shaver I have tried and you can use it for trimming everywhere. I use it on my neck, eyebrows and sensitive area too. 


“No need to go to hairdressers anymore! Amazing product” 

He likes everything no dislikes. It works perfectly for his hair. 


 “Worth every penny, definitely recommend trying this product” 

If you are searching for a good quality hair trimmer at a reasonable price, this is the one for you. It comes with all the essentials you need. Can’t fault it. It is actually the 3rd shaver set I have bought. Babyliss Super X metal shave is the best one I have ever used. 

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In conclusion, the Babyliss super x metal series comes with all the attachments you need for grooming your body hair. You won’t need any other shavers and it also looks nice out on the stand in the bathroom. This appliance is easy to use and doesn’t take time to clean it at all. That’s why I recommend trying! 

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