Babyliss gold fx trimmer

Babyliss Gold FX Trimmer – BabylissPro for Men 

BaByliss PRO Gold FX trimmer: why it is so popular? Is it good for outlining? And is it worth buying for professional beard trimming? 

Of course, you heard about Babyliss Gold FX Trimmer. It is a bit expensive but it is worth every penny. It uses a high-torque brushless motor which makes it a very reliable and perfect outlining trimmer for professional use. Let’s discuss its features and why it is the best trimmer on the market. 

Babyliss Gold FX Trimmer 

Babyliss gold fx trimmer

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  • Works both corded and cordless
  • professional lithium-ion battery
  • professional, all metal trimmer 
  • High-torque brushless (Ferrari-designed engine)
  • T-blade with 360-degree views
  • 2 hours run time
  • 2 years warranty
  • Charges in 120 minutes

Rating 4.8 out of 5 

Babyliss Gold Fx Trimmer is great for fading and lining up at the same time using only one machine. It can get very close to the skin without bothering the customer’s skin. You can adjust the blade easily without removing the blades from the machine, unlike other trimmers. It’s sharp, powerful and accurate. You can use it for a neat cut every time.

What is Included? 

  1. The BabylissPro GoldFX Outliner
  2. A blade setter 
  3. An adapter 
  4. Lubricating oil 
  5. A screwdriver to remove the blade
  6. Blade guard 
  7. A cleaning brush 

Babyliss gold fx trimmer

LED charge indicator light

  • When the LED BLUE Blinks – this means it is charging
  • LED BLUE – it means the Babyliss Trimmer is fully charged
  • When theLED BLUE is flashing while using – this means you only have 10 minutes of battery left.

BabylissPRO Gold FX vs Skeleton

There is no price difference between Babyliss PRO Fx and the Skeleton. The only difference is the blade. Babyliss Pro FX has shorter teeth and the Skeleton has a lot longer teeth. The Skeleton is 2 mm thicker than Babyliss PRO FX. This means the FX Pro is better for bulking and edging. It works perfect on short hair and it is great for neckline hair trimming. However, as the Babyliss Skeleton has longer teeth, it works better on thick long hair. It makes it easier to grab long hair compared to the T-liner. The Babyliss Gold is quieter than the Skeleton. Both are amazing, you won’t go wrong with either

you can switch the blades between each other. It is up to your personal preference.

Babyliss Pro Gold FX787G Reviews

“The best outline shaver out there.” Mark – The United Kingdom 

It is a very powerful and brilliant product. However, you should beware while using the zero gap as it is super sharp. 

“1st class trimmer for professional and personal use. I love it” Bryan – The United States 

“Very satisfied, highly recommended,” Said Mr Webster 

The Babyliss Gold FX is solid and it does the job. He used the Andis T outliner for more than 15 years before getting this one. He bought Babyliss Outliner as he wanted a wireless unit and decided to get it after reading online reviews. It is a bit weird using a new unit but he will get used to it. He uses this product for his head and beard as a primary cutter. It cut just a little bit closer and the blade stayed cool the whole 10-15 minutes he shaved his head. Update after using Babyliss Pro Gold FX787G for a little while longer it is even better than before. The best closest cutting trimmer I’ve ever used.

“Expensive razor but it does what it says” Mohammed – The United Kingdom

Don’t have much to add as I am no barber, but my barber loves using this on me and is considering getting himself one soon. The supplied blades are gentle on the head and battery life seems good, the only downside is the EU to UK plug making the plug bulkier.

“Very good trimmer! The colour is very luxurious and it gives me an amazing feeling while using it. I also like the engine and the ll metal trimmer. I definitely recommend” Sabaa – Germany 


How do you know when Babyliss Pro is fully charged?

The LED indicator light will stop flashing but remain on when the Babyliss Pro is fully charged. 

Can you adjust the Babyliss Pro Gold FX to become sharper?

Yes. You can adjust the Babyliss Pro Gold FX blade easily to biome sharper without removing it using the zero gap. It will make your machine very sharper for giving skin fades and sharp beards. The Babyliss Pro Gold FX comes with a screwdriver and a zero-gap tool that looks like a hex key. You will find the 2 screws in the machine. 

  1. Put the Babyliss Pro blade on a flat surface. 
  2. Star loosening the screws using the zero gap tool
  3. Put the blade upwards from the sides. It is easier when it is loose. 
  4. Then go ahead and tighten the sides 
  5. Make sure the titanium blade is not overlapping the gold one to get the best results with no scratching. 

How do you use the Babyliss FX trimmer?

  1. Charge the Babyliss FX trimmer before using if you are going to use it cordless. 
  2. Make sure that the hair and the machine are dry. 
  3. The Babyliss trimmer is very sharp. All you have to do is barely tap the hair and the lineup will come out. Don’t press with high pressure, just use it gently as it is very powerful. I’m sure it will make your life easier. 

How do you clean Babyliss Pro FX?

  1. Use the screwdriver to take off the screws 
  2. Detach the bottom blade and clean the hair underneath using the Babyliss cleaning brush. Make sure you remove the hair precisely. Try to avoid pulling out the machine’s internal pieces. 
  3. You can make sure that the Babyliss FX trimmer is clean from the inside by using a computer duster to remove any hairs remaining. 
  4. Clean the machine and the blades too by wiping the teeth and the blades. 
  5. To reattach the Babyliss trimmer parts again, put the prongs inside the holes in the back of the blade. The blades will be flexible when you attach them properly. 
  6. Push the blades down and hold them then screw on it the top blade. 
  7. Make sure that there is zero gap between them. Make sure that it is tight and put the screws in again. 

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In conclusion, I think Babliss Gold FX is a very powerful professional trimmer. It is highly recommended for professional use. BabylissPro blades are gentle on the head of customers. The lithium-ion lasts for 2 hours cordless which seems good to me. The gold colour is elegant and luxurious. You won’t regret this amazing BabylissPRO GoldFX Outliner. 

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