BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance Straightener

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance price, features, how to use and customers’ reviews. 

Straightening your hair at home saves time and effort. I know many women find it tedious to straighten their hair by themselves. I’m no exception. My hair is thick and medium long. I have naturally ‘randomly wavy here and there. That’s why I use a hair straightener daily before work to make my hair straight or wavy. I tried and tested the Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance for 4 months now, and decided to make a full review of my experience. The straighter heats up fast and the heat up takes a little longer the higher the temperature you select. 

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance

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BaByliss Straight & Curl Brilliance 2-in-1 Glätteisen ST482E

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Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance Straightener have amazing true titanium plates that glide through the hair smoothly without effort. You can use it for creating curly and wavy hairstyles easily. Frizz Taming Ionics ensures a smooth finish every time. It comes with a heat mat to set the device on before storage. During use do not place the appliance on any heat sensitive surface, even when using the heat wrap provided.

Please note: The release of the ions from the ports produces a slight buzzing noise which is totally fine and barely noticeable. 


  • 5 heat settings 
  • Auto shut off 
  • Up to 235C salon temperature
  • 3-meter swivel cord
  • Stainless steel curved plates for creating smooth silky curls
  • Extra-long true-titanium plates
  • Advanced Ceramics to maintain constant high heat temperature 
  • Smoothing ionic technology for anti-frizz

What Is Included? 

  • 1 x Straightener
  • 1 x Heat Mat
  • 2 x Rubber tip covers
  • 1 x User Manual 

Why to Choose Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance?

  • Extra Long True-titanium Plates – it has extra-long true-titanium plates which are suitable for all hair types. 
  • Contoured Design –  you can use the Babyliss straightener for creating long-lasting beautiful curls and waves.
  • Ionic Technology – Actively eliminates static and anti-frizz to boost the shine of your hair.
  • Constant Regulated Heat – Advanced Ceramics heating system gives fast-action heat transfer and maintains high heat for consistent performance during your hair styling.
  • Variable Temperature Control – the appliance has 5 heat settings from 170°C to 230°C. The heat settings are suitable for hair types as it also uses enhanced heat protection technology. 

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How To Use Babyliss Straight and Curly Brilliance Hair Straighter?

Now we will go through how to use the appliance step-by-step to straighten and curly your hair: 

Straightening Your Hair 

  1. Ensure that your hair is dry and combed through before switching on the appliance. 
  2. Divide your hair into small sections to save time during straightening. 
  3. Plugin the appliance and press the switch on button.
  4. You can use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to increase or decrease the heat temperature until you reach the right heat setting for your hair type. 
  5. The indicator light will blink until the heat setting selected has been reached. Once the temperature has been reached, the indicator will remain solid in colour
  6. Take a section of hair and place it between the titanium plates. Start straightening your hair at the root, close the plates while applying gentle pressure and
  7. gliding down the section in one smooth movement.
  8. If you want to create curly waves at the ends of your hair, slightly blend it inwards as you reach the end of each hair section.
  9. Repeat as necessary through the remaining sections of hair.
  10. Let your hair fully cool before combing through. 
  11. After use, turn off the appliance and unplug it.  Immediately wrap the appliance in the heat mat provided and allow it to fully cool down before storage. 
  12. Continue to keep it out of reach of children while it is still hot. 

Curling Your Hair 

  1. Ensure that the tips of the appliance are in position. Switch on the appliance and use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for determining the right temperature for your hair type. 
  2. The indicator light will blink until the heat setting selected has been reached. Once the temperature has been reached, the indicator will remain solid in colour.
  3. Separate a section of hair. The smaller the section, the more defined the curl you will get. The larger the section the looser the curl style you will create.
  4. Take a hair section and place it between the Babyliss plates, roughly 3 inches from the appliance roots.
  5. Hold the Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance in one hand and place the hair section between the plates. Turn the appliance 180° back on itself so that the hair is wrapped once around the outside of the Babyliss Straightener. 
  6. Slowly glide the Babyliss Straightener along the length of your hair hair starting from root to tip in a downward motion.
  7. Release the appliance from the hair and let the curls fully cool before combing through. You can also hold the end of the section you have curled and twist it in the direction of the curl. 

The Right Heat Setting For Your Hair Type 

  • If you have delicate, fine or dyed hair, use the lowest heat settings.
  • For thick hair, use the highest heat settings.
  • We recommend doing a temperature test on initial use to ensure the correct temperature is used on the hair. Start on the lowest heat setting and increase the temperature until the desired result is achieved.

Guide of the Temperature Settings of The Appliance:

Heat Settings  Temperature
Setting 1 (Green) 150°C
Setting 2 (Yellow) 170°C
Setting 3 (Orange) 190°C
Setting 4 (Red) 210°C
Setting 5 (Red) 235°C

Care and Maintenance of The Appliance 

To help keep your appliance in the best condition please follow these steps: 

  • Avoid wrapping the device while it is still hot. 
  • Coil the lead loosely around the sides of the Babyliss straightener. 
  • Don’t overstretch the cord 
  • Unplug the appliance after use to protect yourself and your family. 

Safety Notes of Babyliss Straight and Curl

  • Always keep the device out of reach of children (during and after use and whilst cooling). The Babyliss Straightener should not be used, cleaned or maintained by children. Always take extra care if used on children’s hair or near children. We don’t recommend using it on very young children.
  • During use, do not place the appliance on any heat-sensitive surface whilst in operation, even when using the heat wrap provided.
  • Take care to avoid the hot surface of the appliance coming into direct contact with your skin, in particular, the eyes, ears, face and neck. 

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance Reviews

“Definitely will recommend. Great price for the quality of the straighter” 

I know it is hard to choose a new straighter. My hair is fine and dry. My previous straighter caused frizz and it had a high price tag. That’s why I decided to try Babyliss. The appliance heats up fast and it has many heat settings to choose from. I use the one below the top temperature, I could probably use less temperature setting but this is the approximate temperature I always use on my hair. The Babyliss Straightener is heatproof and the device has a lock for keeping the straightener closed. Besides, it has an auto shut off. I would recommend Babyliss Straightener without hesitation.

“A great Curling Tool. it is very easy to use and heats up fast.”

I find it much better than a GHD! It has a soft buzzing while heating up but it is barely even noticed. This doesn’t affect its use. I have soft hair so I use it on the lowest heat setting. Don’t touch the ends of the straightener as it is super hot. For the price of the Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance straightener, I’m really impressed and happy with it and I would definitely recommend it.

“The device is good in general. I have curly hair but it leaves my hair smooth and sleek”. 

I use Babyliss Straight and Curl Brilliance straightener for curling my hair. The curls don’t seem to last long either, but it might just be the way my hair is

“I love everything about it. Great results for the price.” 

I this appliance on another website that is £20 more expensive. The instructions are clear, follow them and you will get impressive results! My hair is very fine and curly. It works great for me. The heat mat is an added bonus. I don’t use hair straighteners very often though I’m so happy with my purchase and the quality of packaging. 

BaByliss Straight and Curl Brilliance

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BaByliss Straight & Curl Brilliance 2-in-1 Glätteisen ST482E

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Video Reviews of Babyliss Straight and Curl 


Babyliss straight and curl brilliance hair straightener is great for curling and straightening. However, it is very hot so avoid touching the plates with your hands. The results are amazing on both smooth and thick hair types. It makes my hair so shiny and sleek.  If you thinking of trying these and have hair that needs to be tamed I’d say try this appliance, so worth every penny. You can also check my full reviews of other Babyliss Straightener models: 

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