babyliss gas refills

BaByliss Gas Refills for Babyliss Professional Hair Tools

BaByliss gas refills are from Babyliss tong and brush. They are an excellent replacement for your gas and very easy to change. 

Most people get BaByliss gas refills for Model BaByliss 2583u Styler. They work perfectly, but many people don’t know that they are also compatible with many other products from the BaByliss gas collection. Let’s get into the details: 

BaByliss Energy Cells 

babyliss gas refills

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  • contains gas under pressure, may explode if heated
  • extremely flammable gas
  • 2 pack, each energy cell lasts up to 4 hours of usage

These 2 package is very helpful and has a great value for money. The BaByliss gas refills last for 4 hours of usage. You can use them safely at home or the salon. Thanks to these energy cells, you can also use your BaByliss during tong or brush during your travel. They give you the freedom to style your hair on the go! 

So, they are compatible with BaByliss gas appliances, including: 

  1. Model 2583BU BaByliss Pro Cordless tong
  2. Model: 2581BU BaByliss Pro Cordless straightener
  3. Babyliss Model: 2585U BaByliss Large Cordless gas styler 

They are also compatible with other brands’ models, which are: 

  • Vidal Sassoon (excluding models 702, 704 & 706)
  • Philips
  • Revlon
  • Remington
  • Clairol
  • Cosmopolitan

Note: they are not compatible with Braun tongs. 

BaByliss Gas Refills Reviews 

“Does what it says on the box” charmaine – Original Review in the United Kingdom on 22 February 2023

Great replacement for the Babyliss cordless tong. Very helpful. 

“Great price” KJ – Original Review in the United Kingdom on 3 November 2022

The product was as expected and arrived in good time. 

“Energy cells, perfect for BaByliss cordless hot brushes” Enchanted – Original Review in the United Kingdom on 16 December 2022

Suitable for my cordless hot brush. I can style my hair anywhere using BaByliss cordless brush.


Where Can I Buy BaByliss Gas Refills?

You can get BaByliss gas refills from BaByliss, Amazon, Boots and Argos. They are available online in the UK, and they arrive in 1-3 days only. 

Will this fit into BaByliss 2583bu styler?

Yes. BaByliss gas refills are comptabile with BaByliss Pro 2583bu Styler. 

How many mm per canister?

Each BaByliss Thermacell is approximately 90mm long including the connector tip. The contents of the box are about 12.5g.


Styling your hair on the go saves time and effort. These energy cells are for BaByliss professional cordless straightener, The BaByliss Professional styler, and the professional cordless brush. They are ideal for use t home or during your holiday as you can use your appliances cordless. These Thermacells are very helpful. Each one lasts for 4 hours of usage. 

I hope you found this guide helpful to you, if you have any questions please contact us for help. Discover more products’ reviews on BabylissIPRO for all tips related to haircare. 

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