Best Babyliss Lady Shaver Models for Daily Use

Babyliss Lady Shaver prevents you from going to laser clinics! Get super soft and smooth skin with TrueSmooth Lady Shavers from Babyliss.

You don’t have to think twice. Hair removal just got easier with Babyliss Lady Shaver. Babyliss Shaver models are easy to use, suitable for all skin types, and, most importantly, their price is affordable! Every woman should have Babyliss Lady Shaver!

TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8770BU 

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TrueSmooth Babyliss Lady Shaver is one of the best models for women! You can use it not only on moist skin but on dry skin too, And you can use it on legs, underarms, and bikini lines. The shaver contains a floating trimmer that tracks the curves of your body to cut longer hair. 

You’ll Get a comfortable, close, and non-irritated 100% shave with TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8770BU. The shaver contains two shaving foils for a satin smooth finish and comes with two bikini trimmer comb guides (2mm & 4mm) and a floating trimmer that moves around your curves for a more easy shave.

The TrueSmooth 8770BU is a rechargeable Babyliss lady shaver that works so fast, even on the most stubborn hair. This shaver is perfect for after-shower use or when you’re in a hurry! Also, the shaver comes with a 2 years guarantee, in case of faulty workmanship or material. You can simply return it.


  • The shaver has an easy lift off the head with twin foils.
  • The shaver includes a recharging tool and it comes with a neat charging stand.
  • It saves you a lot of money and prevents you from visiting laser clinics.
  • The shaver is easy to use & reliable in getting the job done.
  • The price of the shaver is affordable.
  • The head of the shaver is washable and it comes with a cleaning brush.
  • 3-hour charge for up to 75 minutes running time.


  • The shaver wears out quickly after 7-8 uses.
  • The shaver is hard to clean.
  • The battery runs out fast.

TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8771BU

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TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8771BU is the best Babyliss Lady Shaver for wet use, and you can use it at home and on the go. The shaver consists of a dual fail shaving system, which gives you extra smoothness because it follows the curves of your body. The shaver also contains a floating trimmer that adjusts to your body type to cut the finest and gives you a smooth finish!

TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8771BU Has two bikini trimmer comb guides (2mm & 4mm) and is ideal for underarms, legs, and bikini lines.


  • The shaver supports convenient cordless use.
  • The price of the shaver is reasonable and suitable for everyone.
  • The shaver is not too heavy to hold, clean ,and easy to use.
  • You’ll get the best results without cuts or burns, and it’s good for sensitive skin.
  • The shaver is excellent for medium to short hair lengths. 
  • 2 x AAA batteries in the shaver operated for convenient cordless use.
  • You can simply turn it on and off with a one-touch operation.
  • The head is washable and it comes with a cleaning brush.


  • The trimming blade quite often pulls hair and does not give a smooth finish.
  • The battery doesn’t last too long.
  • The shaver is not good at cutting long hair.

TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8771BU Reviews

“VERY LOVELY AND STYLISH. THE BLADES ARE SHARP AND LEAVE SMOOTH SILKY SKIN. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND,” Asda’s visitor said. Original Review in the United Kingdom on 17th April 2023

This shaver is modern and has a distinctive and beautiful colour so that you can take it with you anywhere. The blades are also excellent at removing hair, exceptionally long hair!

“Nice handy little razor, works well with batteries so can be transported easily,” Asda’s visitor said. Original Review in the United Kingdom on 31th March 2023

Good quality shaver, fit for its purpose. The best feature of this shaver is that it depends on the batteries, so they can easily be replaced without the need to waste a lot of time.

“A really good shaver and kind to the skin. I’m not disappointed with this purchase and I am pleased with the results. Good value for money,” Asda’s visitor said. Original Review in the United Kingdom on 25th June 2023

This shaving machine is the best investment for money, and it is suitable for all skin types. The shaver impressed me. It works perfectly on long and short hair as well.

TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8770BU Reviews 

“Simply the best,” Thea said. Original Review in the United Kingdom on 9th May 2023

Based on the experience of more than one shaver, this shaver is very special and effective. Also, it’s easy to use and fast to charge.

“True smooth rechargeable lady shaver,” Sandra said. Original Review in the United Kingdom on 19th February 2023

The price is excellent, and this shaver is better than others, as it can be recharged quickly and shaves all hair while giving you a smooth touch, and it is also suitable for the bikini area and underarms.

“Good stuff,” Suzy said. Original Review in the United Kingdom on 10th February 2023

The shaver is excellent both on dry and wet bodies. It’s the best shaver on the market for value and capability. It’s suitable for travel, and you can take it if you’re going on holiday. Every woman must have this shaver from Babyliss.


How does true smooth work? 

For leg shaving:

  • Put the shaving head on the appliance and then switch it on by sliding the switch upwards.
  • Use the shave vertically on the area to be shaved. 
  • Use both hands with shaving, one to stretch the skin and the other to move the appliance.
  • Move the shaver slowly and press it lightly. The shaver can be slow if you press it too hard.

For Sensitive area shaving:

  • Move the shaver from the bottom up if you want to shave the underarm hair.
  • Carefully stretch the skin and move the appliance from the outside to the inside if you want to remove the bikini area hair.

Can you use True Smooth in the shower?

Yes, you can use it in or out of the shower. 

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TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8770BU is the best Babyliss Lady Shaver for after-shower use or when you’re in a hurry. Because it is rechargeable and the battery lasts for 7 hours. While TrueSmooth Lady Shaver 8771BU is the best Babyliss Shaver for travelling and daily use. Besides, it is operated by batteries, which can be changed easily and at high speed.

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