Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing And Straightening Brush

Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing And Straightening Brush Reviews

Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing And Straightening Brush Reviews: temperature degrees, who can use it? And the best price for purchase in the UK? 

You have seen Smoothing and Straightening hot brushes popping up everywhere. I’m a big fan of straightening brushes and many women feel the same because they are easy to use and one has time for hair straighteners every day. Sometimes, I feel like I want to try something new when I feel fed up with my flat iron. I have tested the Babyliss Diamond Straightening brush for 2 months and didn’t expect to get such good results at first. However, it is not for every hair type. Read on to find out. 

Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing And Straightening Brush 

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  • Simple brush for fast and smooth results 
  • Superionic anti-frizz technology
  • Heated diamond-ceramic fins to straighten as you brush
  • Versatile and easy to use 
  • Up to 200°C for long-lasting results.
  • Suitable for thick and dyed hair 
  • Ceramic plates with dimensions 7.7 x 25.8 x 4.5 centimetres


  • The release of the ions particles from the ports causes a slight buzzing noise but it is barely noticeable. 
  • Doesn’t  completely straighten coarse hair

Babyliss Diamond uses a 3D straightening system with 3 heat settings to completely straighten the hair. The ions enhance the shine of the hair once the brush is heated. The lowest heat setting is suitable for fine, delicate and dyed hair. While the high settings are for thick or coarse hair. If you are using Babyliss Diamond heated for the first time, use the lowest heat setting then use higher heat until you get the desired results. 

The Diamond straightening brush fins with flexible taming bristles provide gentle tension on the hair leaving it shiny and smooth. The ionic technology releases ions which prevent hair from frizz and enhance hair condition while straightening. Babyliss Diamond Brush uses variable heat settings from 160◦C to 200◦C to suit most hair types whilst giving amazing styling care. You can also use the Babyliss Brush for creating volume. it saves you much time in the morning when you brush quickly. 

What is Included?

  • Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush 
  • Comes with heat-protective gloves
  • A heat mat to let the appliance cool down on it before storage.
  • A storage pouch 
  • User manual  

Benefits of Using Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush

Here are the benefits of using Babyliss Diamond Brush over flat iron: 

  • Quick to use – all you need is drying your hair until it is almost dry then start brushing it with a Babyliss diamond brush. This means you can be ready to go in less time compared to using a flat iron. 
  • Less Heat Damage – as it uses lower heat settings, it is less likely to cause heat damage compared to flat irons 
  • Can be used Daily – even if you straighten your hair with a hair straightener, you can use Babyliss hot brush for touchup daily before going out. The hot plate doesn’t touch the hair directly which means it is suitable for daily use. 
  • Anti Frizz Technology – if you have frizzy hair, this brush will make your hair manageable. Swipe your hair with the Babyliss Diamond Smoothing brush and you will get a sleek shiny hair look in no time. 
  • No hot plates anymore – the surfaces of the flat iron are easily touched by you which might cause burns. On the other hand, the bristles of Babyliss diamond would prevent touching the hot plate directly by accident. 
  • Cheaper price – you will get the salon hairstyle at home without paying a lot of money every week by having your hair styling brush. If you are on Budget, this Babyliss Diamond Brush is a lifesaver!

Other Amazing Babyliss Brushes Models: 

A Flat Iron Vs Straightening Brush

Flat irons are versatile and give you amazing results but they are tedious and sometimes it takes a lot of time to straighten your hair if you have thick hair. Also, for flat irons, you need to wait for 15-60 seconds to let the flat irons heat up. You have to divide your hair into smaller sections first, run the plates over every section many times to get the desired results.

Video Review of Babyliss Diamond 


Are heated straightening brushes any good?

Yes. they are very good for daily hairstyling before work. It doesn’t take time at all to use a straightening brush. However, it works better on medium to thin hair. You can use it for managing the frizz of your hair or as a flat iron alternative. 

How do you use the Babyliss straightening brush?

This appliance is very easy to use as you are simply brushing your hair: 

  1. Get a section of your hair and clip it on the top. 
  2. The Babyliss Diamond brush has 3 heat settings. If you are using it for the first time, start with the lowest heat setting then switch to higher heat if you didn’t get the desired results. 
  3. You will notice that the colour of the indicator changes when you use a higher heat setting. 
  4. When the Babyliss Diamond Straightening brush is ready to use, it feels warm and you can feel the heat with your hand without touching the bristles. 
  5. Take a section of your hair and start straightening going from underneath then the top. I feel like it is easier to do it like this. 
  6. Brush the same hair section a few times until it is fully straightened. 
  7. The Babyliss brush is suitable for everyday hair styling.

Do straightening brushes cause heat damage?

Yes. all styling appliances cause heat damage. On the other hand, straightening brushes are less damaging to your hair compared to flat irons. You can also use a hairdryer first to make sure that your hair is fully dry before using a straightening brush. This way you are going to minimize the heat damage. And don’t forget to apply a heat protectant spray first. 

Is a hair straightener brush better than flat iron?

It depends on your hair type and the time you have for hair styling. Flat irons are more suitable for thick coarse hair while straightening brushes are great for average to thin hair. Besides, straightening brushes are suitable for daily use as they use lower heat settings. It is your choice to get a hair straightener or a flat iron depending on what you really need.

Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing And Straightening Brush Reviews

Let’s find out the top reviews of customers who tried Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing and straightening brush: 

“The appliance is very easy and the results are stunning!” Mia said. She is not so good at blow-drying or straightening her hair at home but the Babyliss Diamond Heated brush changed her life. She is not sure how long the results last but she is saving the hairdresser blow drying cost. Now, she only goes to the hairdresser when she needs a haircut! Great value for money. 

“Satisfied with this hairbrush as it is quicker than flat iron” Lora Said. it doesn’t fully straighten her hair but it smooths her frizzy hair and makes it more manageable. 

“I have been thinking about trying this brush for a long time but it is a bit expensive and I wasn’t sure about the results,” Sofia said. She has long curly hair which she loves but she likes it more straight. The brush is so easy to use and the effect it gives is better than her previous hair straightener. She likes the natural look she gets using the Babyliss Diamond brush. This brush is a game-changer for everyone. It saves so much time and effort


Babyliss Diamond Heated Smoothing And Straightening Brush Reviews are 4.1 out of 5. This Babyliss Diamond Straightener is suitable for medium-coarse to smooth hair. It can flatten thick coarse hair but it won’t give you the same results as hair straighteners. I used it on my dry thick hair. I have a 2B hair type. It leaves my hair straight and shiny. Very recommended for women who have smooth and medium-coarse hair, a great anti-frizz hot iron brush. It is going to change the straightening game. Why get a straightening iron if this does the job? 


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